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Suset; Simply is the Award Winner for Wedding Hair & Makeup

You don’t have to be having a wedding to love a perfect look! Off to a bridal shower? Have a reservation someplace special? Family or Social reunion? If you are in Bowery, be sure and book us for the very best in wedding hair & makeup. There are lots of makeup stylists, but Nu-Image takes exceptional care to accentuate your essential beauty, all while merging it with a vintage or ultramodern expression. With a long list of ecstatic customers, along with famous people, we provide top notch beautification to some of New York’s finest.

You should get your date for wedding hair & makeup now, just call Nu-Image, and get started on a whole new look! Catch a handful of tips and tricks or methods from our mobile makeup artist and give yourself some personal indulgence. Simply because you you’re special! Get your wedding hair & makeup blended with any of the more contemporary styles to create for yourself a brand new look. With the beautiful makeover you’ll get, you will be stunned once you look in the mirror and ponder how you have been hiding that breathtaking you!

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