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Nu-Image; Simply the Award Winner for Professional Wedding Makeup

You don’t have to be going to a wedding to enjoy a flawless look! Headed to a dinner party? Have a night out someplace special? Family or Social reunion? When you are in Pleasantville, be sure to contact us for the very best in professional wedding makeup. There are lots of hair salons, yet Suset takes a different kind of delight to accentuate your innate beauty, all while fusing it into a personal classic or brand new expression. With lots of satisfied reviews, as well as famous people, we have provided top quality beautification to many of New York’s finest.

You should book your consultation for professional wedding makeup right away, simply connect with Nu-Image, and start on a whole new you! Borrow a few new tricks and styles from a fashion makeup artist and treat yourself to some serious TLC. Because you want it! Have all your professional wedding makeup done with some of the more contemporary styles to give yourself a smoldering hot new appearance. With the beautiful makeover you’ll get, you’ll be simply shocked when you see yourself in the mirror and ponder why you have been obscuring that beautiful glow!

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